Samaritans Charity Shop Assistant

Opportunity by Leicester Samaritans
Location 117-119 Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 6FD

Helping in the charity shop which raises funds for the Samaritans of Leicester. All funds raised go directly to Leicester. The Charity shop is on Granby Street in Leicester.

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About this role

You could help with any of these tasks: sorting through donation bags, sizing and labelling garments, steaming garments, pricing all kinds of stock such as clothes, kitchenware, books, DVDs, toys, bric-a-brac, setting out goods for sale, window-dressing, talking to customers, taking payments at the till, cleaning, bagging and tidying up.

You must be polite, clean, honest and trustworthy, and must always act responsibly. We can tailor the work to suit a wide range of skills, and no particular qualification is required. Full training will be given.

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  • References needed
  • Age restrictions
  • Accepts ex/offenders

You must be 16+ years old


Location 117-119 Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 6FD

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