Loughborough and NW villages area – volunteers supporting scouting in various ways.

Opportunity by Loughborough District Scouts
Available from home

Scouting need the help of various extra volunteers to assist in providing various support or management to the District area and individual groups. We provide on line training and need individuals to share their life skills to ensure that sections, or groups, or the District are well managed.

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About this role

Scouting provides structured activities for young people between the age of 4 to 25 years old.  For the young people being a Scout is all about discovering the world on their own terms and making the most of what they have, wherever and whoever they are. To provide scouting for the young people we need adult volunteers to help lead, support and manage scouting at Unit, Group and within the Loughborough District area of NW Leicestershire. The safeguarding of young people within scouting is very important. The Scouts Association (TSA) has various processes in place to ensure that appropriate adults can take up volunteering opportunities; one element being the requirements of a Disclosure check. We asked that individuals are open in what they can offer, are prepared to undergo the FREE training; and with all the adults access the free of charge DBS (Disclosure check). There are many volunteering opportunities that span from, 1) occasional helping, 2) weekly helping, 3) Training to become a leader, 4) background support to assist the group or the District function appropriately, 5) more formal activities such as using your own life skills on a Trustee Board, and much more. If you have the opportunity to volunteer within Scouting then do contact us as we are happy to discuss where there maybe opportunities with our District for you to use your skills, and to develop new knowledge and skills that will add to your own life skills, and helps support Scouting for the benefit of the young people.

When you can volunteer



  • References needed
  • Willing to take a DBS Check
  • Age restrictions

Individuals will be offered an interview to assist in placing them in the appropriate volunteering area and to help clarify the specific aspects of the various roles that they may wish to assist with. We also provide access to a free DBS check which is normal with all services that are linked to young people in particular. The Scouts Assortation provides a wide range of FREE training and much is available on line so access to a Lap Top or mobile device is becoming more essential.
If your have questions then do email us at; dc@loughboroughscouts.org.uk


This opportunity allows you to volunteer from home

Available from home

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