COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Support Volunteers

    As COVID vaccinations are starting to roll out across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, we are looking for volunteers who can support with the smooth flow of patients in vaccination sites across the whole region.

    We are looking for volunteers who will act as greeters, stewards and chaperones for patients who are arriving to receive their vaccinations.

    We are particularly looking for people who can volunteer at the following sites:

    • The Peepul Centre, Leicester
    • The Kube, Oadby
    • Measham Leisure Centre
    • Leicester Royal Infirmary
    • Leicester General Hospital
    • Glenfield Hospital
    • Drop-in site at Beaumont Leys

    What's involved in the role?

    The key aim of the is role is to support a smooth and safe process for vaccinations to take place at several sites across Leicester and Leicestershire. Volunteers will be given specific tasks when they are on site, but this will include:

    • Greeting people as they arrive at the site and directing them to each stage of the process in a safe manner
    • Being a friendly face to reassure people as they make their way around the site
    • Reminding people about national guidelines such as social distancing and mask protection
    • Addressing any issues or concerns that arise and escalate to a member of staff if needed 
    • Staying in contact with the other areas’ representatives to help avoid congestion
    • Supporting a smooth process that allows speed, safety and security for everyone involved
    • Identifying any people that may require additional support during their visit to the site (carer/chaperone, additional language support) and directing them to where they can get support
    • Offering enhanced support to those requiring it (e.g. those who cannot queue standing)
    • PPE will be provided to all volunteers

    Skills and Experience

    • Stewarding experience is preferable, training will be provided
    • Ability to communicate in a calm and professional manner
    • Ability to collaborate and work well with others

    Please complete your details below

    We need to know a little bit about you to help us to determine how you might be able to support different services or needs.

    Communication preferences

    The information you submit in this form will be used by VAL and our local partners to ensure we can offer suitable volunteering opportunities to applicants. The information you submit may be shared with relevant organisations if they request volunteers. We will keep you updated by email about COVID-19 volunteering opportunities, but we will not send you any other marketing emails without your consent.

    Skills and Experience

    You don’t necessarily need to have any of the below – this information will just help us to find the best fit for you as a volunteer.

    Safeguarding and wellbeing of Volunteers

    In light of the developing situation we want to keep our volunteers and citizens safe. Clear guidance will be provided to all volunteers about what to do regarding this.

    If you consider yourself to be in an at-risk group or are well but self-isolating, please provide that information through this registration process. It may be that there are volunteering activities that can be undertaken with limited or no direct contact with others and that would still be gratefully received by those in need.

    If you can help provide volunteer support, please register on this page so we can start building up a bank of people we can call on when needed.

    Thank you in advance for your help and support.