Complete Wasters (The Green Place)

About Complete Wasters ‘Complete Wasters’ is a community based social enterprise, founded in 1997, dedicated to promoting a greener and more ethical lifestyle. Their visitor centre 'The Green Place' in Sileby is home to a fairtrade vegetarian café and venue for music, film, theatre and workshops.

Available opportunities

  • Festival Workshop Assistant

    Opportunity by Complete Wasters (The Green Place)

    Help our team of craft workers with creative workshops at festivals in the UK including, Green Man, Camper Calling and Lakefest. Providing arts and crafts for kids and families.

  • Outdoor Concert/Festival Recycler

    Opportunity by Complete Wasters (The Green Place)

    Help with our recycling project at outdoor events such as classical proms concerts or festivals. Hand out bags, help with the litter pick and see the music for free! Camping on site.


Location 6 Cossington Rd, Sileby, Loughborough LE12 7RS, UK