Youth Volunteering Panel Member

Opportunity by VAL-Working Live Leicestershire
Location 9 Newarke St, Leicester, LE1 5SN

The Youth Panel for youth volunteering: help make a difference to young volunteers in Leicester and Leicestershire.

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About this role

Do you feel that as a young person there aren’t many opportunities for you to volunteer? If so, we’d love to hear your ideas and opinions!


The Volunteering Youth Panel is a collective of young people age 16-25, working with Voluntary Action Leicestershire to develop new, dynamic and enjoyable volunteering opportunities in Leicester and Leicestershire.


Members will have a voice across the organisation, attend panel meetings and act as consultants on projects. It’s a flexible and friendly group that provides you with a safe space to share your thoughts and ideas.


Our vision:


–          Create and develop new youth volunteering roles


–          Empower and engage organisations to work with young people


–          Work with youth organisations and develop partnerships


–          Provide a platform to promote opportunities specifically for young people


–          Help members develop their personal and professional skills


–          Connect young people with local communities



Volunteers will have dedicated support from Voluntary Action Leicestershire who will lead, mentor and assist the group. We will run group sessions and one-to-one meetings that will inform a wide range of projects. The most important thing is having your input on what you would like to see happen!


Tasks will include:


–          Sharing ideas, knowledge and opinions


–          Actively engaging with the public and young people to promote youth volunteering


–          Co-developing content and design for guidance and website


–          Co-ordinating programme delivery and pitches



What will you get out of it?


–          Project cCoordination and/or Management experience


–          Meet new people and make new connections


–          Develop transferable skills that will help you into employment


–          Be a part of a strong support system


–          A reference to use for future employment/education opportunities


–          Work with a team of up to 12 to create your own initiatives



We hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions please email

When you can volunteer



Must be 16-25 years old


Location 9 Newarke St, Leicester, LE1 5SN

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