Legal research

Opportunity by InterNICHE (International Network for Humane Education)
Location 8 Central Avenue, Leicester LE2 1TB, UK

Legal: Research on laws and regulations across the world

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About this role

Volunteers can apply for opportunities immediately. A friendly interview will be arranged. Tasks vary from short-term to long term, and require a contribution of at least several hours per week, up to several days per week.


Previous experience and skills in the field are preferred, but depending on the task but might not be necessary. Some basic training, and support and supervision, will be provided. Volunteers will need to be self-motivated and able to work independently at times.


Most volunteers will need to visit and be working in the InterNICHE office with the InterNICHE Co-ordinator. This is a home-based office staffed the InterNICHE Co-ordinator only. Days and hours are flexible and can include weekends and evenings if preferred.


In some cases the volunteer might be able to work at home by themselves, meeting up with the InterNICHE Co-ordinator on occasions at the office or a mutually agreed location for guidance and reviews.


Many tasks have no age restrictions. A reference from InterNICHE might be available for the volunteer during or at the end of the volunteering.

When you can volunteer



  • Relevant qualification or training


Location 8 Central Avenue, Leicester LE2 1TB, UK

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